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"... fast-paced action, humor, and strong characters... Brady has written a great series starter that also has a nice sprinkling of history, a little science, and engaging, fun characters. Highly recommended." -- Jean Little Library


When Liam summons Thomas Edison to help him finish his book report, the time machine delivers the wrong one. This Thomas Edison is a 10-year-old aspiring gangster from 1933 who demands to be called "Tommy Twinkles" and is also very interested in robbing a bank of the future. Liam could use some help from his parents here, but unfortunately, the time machine has kidnapped them both. In desperation, he turns to his friend Elsa. To set things right, these two fifth graders must embark on an adventure full of sci-fi gadgets, real-life gangsters, time travel, and a whole lot of Cheetos.


With over two million books sold, author Dustin Brady has mastered the art of hooking kids on reading. Short chapters filled with heart-pounding adventure, hilarious twists, and unforgettable characters keep even the most reluctant readers invested to the last page. This new series adds real-life history to the formula, making it a fun, fresh way to teach history.

World's Worst Time Machine

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