Summer Reading

Now introducing: Blue Marble Summer Reading! 
Come in and pick up one of our summer reading bookmarks and a chapter book! Each little marble on the bookmark represents one book. Once all 10 are punched through, your reader wins a FREE book! We will keep track of the books read/bought by hole punching the summer reading bookmark so make sure not to lose it! This summer reading challenge is open to 1st graders and up!


Congratulations to our Poetry Contest Winner Erica Kruse! 

Past Events:
National Poetry Month Contest!

To celebrate National Poetry Month (April 2021) we launched a poetry contest for the Teen Poets in our community! 

We chose Erica Kruse's, a Junior at Highlands High School, poem: Christmas to be our winner. Read their talented work below!


by Erica Kruse

It’s Christmas

Its 12:30

And the cinemas closed.


I don’t know how long it’s been closed,

Maybe forever.


there’s not even much left to believe in 

But the big tree in the main hall is still wonderful,

And the hot chocolates still always too warm,

I can feel it in the pit of my stomach 


And you’re smiling

Its 10 degrees and you’re smiling

An almost sickening smile and I can’t stop staring

“what are you thinking about?” she asks

“nothing” I respond


But I’m thinking about everything,

How nice it is to be here,

With you,

Red coat and matching blush

Candy canes lining the train tracks

And a sense of a good year welling in my eyes


snow is falling,

it’s sticking to my red scarf like a children’s illustration 

and I’m left to think

to ponder,


are there still good people in the world?


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